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The C Shore
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The C Shore

If you are technical you might wonder where the C code is, given the name of this site. Non-techies may just be wondering why the name of the site. I chose the site name because C is the first ‘real’ programming language I learned well, and this site is a both a technical site, which will include software development projects, and a personal site (but you can chose to look at only the parts you are interested in).

There’s not actually much here at the moment except almost 10-year old OpenWRT Contributions that have some C code. At present the other code here consists of scripts I have produced. There is a significant chunk of my public code on GitHub for CShoreDaniel.

You will also find old documentation and presentations I wrote.

Remember: e=mc2 is a matter of survival. We need the speed so someone can get off this rock before we blow it up or cause it to go Venus1.

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  1. Ok, so I exaggerate; it’s ‘only’ large numbers of species, including humans, at risk of not being adapted to live on Earth…