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The C Shore
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The C Shore

If you are technical you might wonder where the C code is, given the name of this site. Non-techies are just wondering why the name of the site. I chose the site name because C is the first ‘real’ programming language I learned well, and this site is a technical site, which will include software development projects.

So far there is a minimal amount of content here, but at least the OpenWRT Contributions have some C code, in keeping with the site name. At present the other code consists of scripts I have produced.

You will also find documentation and presentations written by me, and a few other strange things like my GnuPG Public Key.

This site doesn’t have much personal information. You can probably find more than I would like on the web. That’s because I used to have an extensive personal blog. I have, however, deleted it as I have decided to be more private about my personal life.

Remember: e=mc2 is a matter of survival. We need the speed so someone can get off this rock before we blow it up or cause it to go Venus (assuming of course the universe doesn’t evaporate due to the production of particles of strange matter by the Large Hadron Collider experiment in 2010. Oh well…)1

  1. Ok, so I exaggerate.

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