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[Photo from the fall of 1994]

These are are my personal web pages (myself being Daniel F. Dickinson). They include documents in keeping with my graduate studies (MSc--Information Systems), as well as a large selection of more personal documents. My intention is to have a site with a wide variety of computer (and possibly electronics) information, for example the technical documents I have already written.

Besides what professional pages I have, this site contains creative writing I have done. The site also contains a large selection of writing related to my emotional state, especially as a result of a major illness I have had to cope with. Fortunately my state of affairs is much improved and am looking for employment as a computer professional, preferably as a software developer or system administrator. (Or assistant to the same).

Recently the possibility of continuing my education in a graduate program through Athabasca University with the assistance of a scholarship, and I am now pursuing this option. I have been accepted into the Master of Science--Information Systems program, and am working diligently on my current course. I look forward to earning my MScIS, then hopefully a PhD, and from there to go into research.