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The C Shore
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Scripts by cshore

A collection of scripts created by Daniel Dickinson (cshore) in POSIX shell, bash, and Perl

URI Escaping filenames in the shell using Perl

uriescape () {
    local origstr="$1"

    perl -e 'use URI::Escape;' \
    -e "print uri_escape(\$ARGV[0], "\""^A-Za-z0-9-_.!~*'()/\");" "$1"

uriescape “$1”



FilenameScript NamePurposeLanguageVersionAdditional FilesLicense
Download iconfburnFloppy BurnWrite raw data to a floppy drive with error checking and retryBash1.2.2 GPLv2
Download iconconvert_mbox.shConvert mboxConvert a tree of mbox mailboxes (such as Mozilla) to claws-mail maildir formatBash1.1 GPLv2
Download iconprotected-rwprotected-rwIn a system with parts of the filesystem mounted on media that is normally write-protected, change to read-write, read-only, mounted or unmountedBash2.0/etc/protected-rw/mountpoints Download iconmountpoints, /etc/protected-rw/check_running Download iconcheck_running, /etc/fstab Download iconfstabExpat


FilenameScript NamePurposeLanguageVersionAdditional FilesLicense
Download icondsnd2mp2.shSound To MP2Convert from flac, mp3, mp2, ogg, wav to mp2 (which can be used by mp3 players)Bash1.1.dsnd2mp2rc Download icondot.dsnd2mp2rcExpat
Download iconfile2m3u.shFile To M3UConvert from plain filenames to m3u playlist (only for flac, ogg, mp3)Bash1.0 Expat
File iconpls2file.plPLS to fileConvert PLS playlists to a plain list of filesPerl1.0 Expat
Download iconrecordshow.shRecord ShowCapture TV shows using ffmpegBash1.0 Expat
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