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Router Firmware

Firmware images for routers I use with OpenWRT. Includes stock firmware used to debrick in the case of problems.

Comtrend CT-5621 Stock Firmware for Debrick

Here are images of the nvram (NVRAM), rootfs+kernel (KERNEL64), (CFE64), and the whole flash (WHOLEFLASH) in both bigendian and littleendian format for HairyDairyMaid’s Debrick JTAG Utility.

Download File

Comtrend CT-5621 Stock Firmware for Flashing

Here is an image to flash any by of the usual means of flashing firmware to router (e.g. by CFE for debricking, or if you don’t want OpenWRT after all).

Download Download iconct-5621-A101-221CTL-C01_R04.A2pB017f.d15.bin

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