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News on the C Shore


Added File Archive information

Added information about my files archives (HTTP and FTP) to the site main page. To be added: descriptions of the files (via the web server, not manual source files).


Added DLight page

Added a minimal page about DLight my customized Debian release for use with computers I refurbish and give away (I had a large stack so it was worth it, and I was toying the idea with making it a bigger project, however another project has come up and I don’t really have the space to go big with a refurbished computer project.


Finished converting all pages

All the pages from the previous version of the website are now converted. Some pages are enhanced or otherwise altered from their previous version.


Enhanced OpenWRT information

I have split the single OpenWRT page into a number of pages, added the analyzetag tool I created for examining firmware images, and have included some basic documentation of the imagetag format for various versions of Broadcom routers. I have also added the README I created that describes various routers and the versions of the Broadcom code they use.


Started converting to webgen

I was going to use Plone for the new incarnation of my website, but Plone is too broken. Or maybe it’s the underlying Zope 2.10 on Debian that’s the problem, or just the Debian implementation of Plone. In any event I can’t customize the site to be my personal look and feel, so I’m not using it.

Plone is also slow and heavy to start up, and I prefer static websites for serving speed. It’d be nice to have the ability to accept comments on the page itself, however. I had an XSL stylesheet based website generation system but there were enough things I didn’t like it that I’ve been looking for something that is easier to use for adding content to the site.

I settled on webgen because there aren’t many options, and seems to be good enough for my needs. Now I’m converting the site.

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