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The C Shore
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File Archive on the C Shore

I have come across a greaty many good programs, CD Images, and other cool software and documents that I wish to share. To that end I have created a file archive. for HTTP access for FTP access

Top-level directories

HardwareDrivers, manuals, firmware, and other hardware-specific files
LibreFree/Libre Open Source Software including source code
Non-LibreNo-charge software that doesn’t distribute source code
RepositoriesCollections of software from upstream, including Debian

Common directories

DocumentsManuals, HOWTOs, articles etc
ISOCD and DVD images
LinuxSoftware for Linux
PalmSoftware for the Palm OS
XPSoftware for Windows XP
9xSoftware for Windows 95/98/Me
C64Software for or relating to the Commodore 64 computer
FloppyImages of floppy disks (mostly obsolete now)
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