Adding a firewall

Adding a firewall will greatly enhance the security of any system that isn't already behind a firewall. This is because incoming connections are only accepted on ports specifically opened by the user. More advanced users can also block outgoing ports and only open those they want to allow out. Unfortunately many P2P tools don't work with this option because the client wants to be able to go out on any random port, to any random port.

10. Firestarter: Install Step #1
11. Firestarter: Install Step #2
12. Firestarter: Install Step #3
13. Firestarter: Install Step #4
14. Firestarter: Main Screen
15. VNC through a firewall
16. VNC through Firestarter: Policy Screen
17. Firestarter: Allowing VNC
18. Firestarter: Add VNC rule
19. Firestarter: Disallowing VNC