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This graph shows what the machine uses its memory for.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit  
apps apps gauge None None Memory used by user-space applications.
swap_cache swap_cache gauge None None A piece of memory that keeps track of pages that have been fetched from swap but not yet been modified.

slab_cache slab gauge None None Memory used by the kernel (major users are caches like inode, dentry, etc).
cache cached gauge None None Parked file data (file content) cache.
buffers buffers gauge None None Block device (e.g. harddisk) cache. Also where "dirty" blocks are stored until written.

unused free gauge None None Wasted memory. Memory that is not used for anything at all.
swap swap gauge None None Swap space used.
active active gauge None None Memory recently used. Not reclaimed unless absolutely necessary.

inactive inactive gauge None None Memory not currently used.
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