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Daniel’s Light Free Computer Project

DLight is a Debian-based distribution suitable for older computers. It uses XFCE for the desktop environment and has a nice collection of software, suitable for most things a family will want to use (except of course specialized hobbies, extensive multimedia work, software development, heavy graphics, or other areas which are beyond the scope of a general purpose desktop for the average user. It does include The GIMP, Quod Libet (a music management app), and MPLayer (multimedia player) but not multimedia creation tools, for instance).

I started the project because I am in the habit of building systems for friends and family with some version of Linux on, and I have grown disenchanted with Ubuntu (I find they break things too often, and in my opinion stability is a must for users who don’t want to tinker with there system, but rather to just get stuff done). I decided to use Debian directly since that is what I use myself, and with the right configuration it is easy to use (In my opinion Debian is only hard for the the class of users who aren’t satisfied with the system they are given, but want to tinker, but aren’t experience with Linux system administration. I think that a preconfigured system is easy to use even for inexperienced users, and Debian has the advantage of stability and fewer bugs than Ubuntu in the stable releases.

I haven’t written a great deal of documentation, and what I have isn’t, yet, suitable for publication, here. Still if you want to try out the distro, there are a couple of things for you on this site.

I have images you can burn to a CD-R (a two disc set). Alternatively there is a DVD you can burn. The DVD also contains all the source for the project, including for the Debian system and my build system.

For a version that will automatically partition the first hard drive for use exclusively by DLight (wiping out what’s there if you agree), you can try:

Download icondlight-1.1-debian-50-i386-CD-1.iso
Download icondlight-1.1-debian-50-i386-CD-2.iso
Download icondlight-1.1-debian-50-i386-source-DVD-1.iso
Download iconMD5SUMS | Verify using md5sum
Download iconSHA1SUMS | Verify using sha1sum

For a version that requires you to do the partitioning yourself (including the possibility of setting up RAID, LVM, and encryption), use the following images:

Download icondlight-1.1-noautopart-debian-50-i386-CD-1.iso
Download icondlight-1.1-noautopart-debian-50-i386-CD-2.iso
Download icondlight-1.1-noautopart-debian-50-i386-source-DVD-1.iso
Download iconMD5SUMS | Verify using md5sum
Download iconSHA1SUMS | Verify using sha1sum

Apt repository

An apt repository is avaible at:, and suitable /etc/apt/sources.list line is:

deb lenny main

You will need to add the repository key to your list of keys, e.g. with the line

wget -O -  |apt-key add -
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