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Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

As the name suggests LDAP is a protocol not a database. LDAP uses a backend database which is optimized for reads (such as the SleepyCat Berkeley DB Database) to hold the tree it presents. The distinction is generally not that important and this document may refer to LDAP as if it were the database and protocol both.

English LDAP Documentation



Server Setup

OpenLDAPSetup The OpenLDAP LDAP server
PowerDNSLdap DNS Server with LDAP Backend

Populating the Server(s)

LDAPMigrationTools Useful for a fresh install as well as migrating an existing server.
LDAPMigrationExamples Example LDAP entries that may be created by migrationtools. Useful to see what the tools do, as well as providing insight into what is necessary to populate the server by hand rather than using migrationtools.

LDAP Management


LDAP Entry Formats

LDAPFormatInternalVertices For nodes that exist only to host a subtree (i.e. they have no data of their own)
LDAPFormatAliases /etc/aliases in LDAP
LDAPFormatFstab /etc/fstab in LDAP
LDAPFormatPowerDNS LDAP entry format for PowerDNS LDAP backend
LDAPFormatNisMap NIS Map in LDAP


LdapDn On Distinguished Names

En Francaise


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