Daniel Dickinson's Resume

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Software Skills

Programming Languages

know quite well

have used Other Languages

Other Skills

Hardware Skills

Operating Systems

Operating SystemInstallation /
Regular UserDeveloper /
Power User
UltrixNoYesYesComputer Science Student User
HP UnixNoYesNoUniversity Student User
NetBSD 1.3.2,1.3.3,1.4.2YesYesYesHome systems (Sun 3/50,i386): daily use as well as experimentation with administration
Linux (Debian GNU/Linux 2.0, 2.1, Slackware )YesYesYesFirst home Unix-variant I used: daily use as well as experimentation with administration
Windows 3.1xYesYesYesRegular and power use but no worries about administration
Windows NT SP3-6aYesYesYesHome/hobby use: tried out security scenarios and otherwise experimented with administration
Windows NT 2000YesNoNoBasic install, login script setup
Windows 95/98/98SEYesYesYesUse at home and work and experiment with administration
MS-DOS 3.3 - 6.22YesYesYesMy first OS

Employment History

C & I Technologies
Designed and programmed custom database applications using Borland C++ Builder 3. Designed and programmed custom applets using Java 1.0.2.
Designed and programmed quote request script in Perl 5

C & I Technologies
assisted in design and implementation of a specialized data-entry program

1998 TEACHING ASSISTANT, Introductory Programming
University of Guelph, Department of Computer and Information Science
taught computer labs, advised students on course material, graded assignments

1997 A/P CLERK
Autocom Manufacturing, a Linamar subsidiary
A/P duties (invoice/PO/receiving matching, data entry, etc)


2001 B.A. General, Computer and Information Science (expected graduation)
University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario

1992 Graduated with OSSD and OACs
Arthur District High School, Arthur, Ontario


1997 Dean's Honour List
1992 J.A. Howson Brocklebank Grade Thirteen Award (First): Highest in school on best seven O.A.C credits
1992 J.A. Howson Brocklebank Award: Given to male who contributes most to high school life

1992 91st Percentile on OAC Chemistry Contest

Other Positions

1997 - 1999 President of the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Club, University of Guelph