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[Photo from the fall of 1994]

These are the pages Daniel F. Dickinson. I have written some documents in keeping with my major (Computer Science) which I take at the University of Guelph. My intention is to have a site with a wide variety of computer (and possibly electronics) information but I've only got a few documents at this point.

At present the computer pages I have are only a few technical documents I have written including two how-to guides that I wrote when I was a Teaching Assistant at the University of Guelph. I also have done up a web page with the specs on some 486 machines which were rescued by friends of mine (and of which I now own a few). I found and listed the specs so that we could get the machines into useful shape, and to have a template for the pages I want to make of all the computers I maintain, and as I build new systems for family or friends. With all the systems I have and intend to build I will have a veritable computer zoo.

[Photo of Perran dressed as a medieval ship's captain]

I've been enjoying designing these pages, and also working on other web pages at C & I Technologies Inc. were I work as a programmer and web page designer (more programmer than web page designer). I think the best web site I have done so far is this one, but before that it was the one for Guelph City Realty Limited. Another site I designed is C & I Technologies Inc (and my personal pages always need more work, even if they are currently better than any others I have done to date).

Other things I do include roleplaying and reading science fiction and fantasy novels. I am the past president of FLASH (the University of Guelph's club for Fantasy, Literature, Anime, Science Fiction, and Horror).