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On the "Net" I call myself Perran, Dox, or Herid Fil (in that order of preference), but my real name is Daniel Dickinson. I haven't got these pages anything close to what I would consider complete, but such is life on the web.

My interests include computers(programming, building, fixing etc), roleplaying, reading science fiction/fantasy, philosophy, the creation vs evolution debate, religious debate, music, and intramural sports.

I am slowly working on a B.Sc in Computer and Information Science at the University of Guelph and while life circumstances have slowed my progress I will eventually graduate. By next year I will have my three year degree and at that point I'll decide whether to upgrade to the four year degree-equivalent or to simply join the workforce.

I must admit that since working pretty much full time I find school much less interesting than in the years where I made the honour roll. I find it strange how this part of me has changed


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