Daniel Dickinson


To gain experience in a software development team, eventually becoming a team lead or project manager, and/or to gain experience as a system administrator.
To become involved in advanced research in computer and information science, building upon the practical experience gained in the workforce and academic expertise developed through graduate studies.


Employment History


C & I Technologies

Guelph, Ontario

Built, configured and repaired computers.
1999 - 2002

C & I Technologies

Guelph, Ontario

Participated in all stages of the software development life-cycle from project conception through maintenance. Introduced UML and use-cases to the software engineering process at C & I.

Projects Included:

Graphical Design Applet:
Performed requirements analysis, architecture, design, and coding of a graphical web application for designing modular docks and generating a quote request based on the dock design. This project was written using a Java applet/Perl CGI script combination and involved writing a cgi script for generating quote request both with and without the design applet. The applet was written so that it could only be executed when called from the script (to help prevent spoofing or redirecting quotes offsite). The tool can be viewed at http://www.jetfloat.com/jetfloatt/index.html.

Business Solution Database:
Performed requirements analysis, architecture, design, coding, and maintenance of a custom business application to assist with work-flow from creating a quote through delivery and final payment. Requirements analysis was assisted by the use of a semi-formal use-cases document while the design phase included some use of UML diagramming to identify needed classes. The project included generation of printed and HTML version of quotes and invoices, integrated email, custom reporting, importing quotes/orders requested from a web form, and a number of other features. This project was developed using Borland C++ Builder 3 and later updated using Borland C++ Builder 5.

Repair Tracking Database:
Completed requirements analysis and coding for a custom business application designed to track items coming in for repair, type(s) of repair needed, time needed, and items outgoing. The development tool used was Borland C++ Builder 3.
TEACHING ASSISTANT, Introductory Programming

University of Guelph, Department of Computer and Information Science

Guelph, Ontario

Taught programming labs, advised students on course material, and graded assignments.

Autocom Manufacturing, a Linamar subsidiary

Guelph, Ontario

A/P duties (invoice/PO receiving, matching, and data entry)


Bachelor of Computing

University of Guelph

Guelph, Ontario
Graduated with O.S.S.D. and O.A.C's

Arthur District High School

Arthur, Ontario

Other Positions

1997 - 1999
President of the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Club

University of Guelph