Rescued CCS 486 Technical Information

Local Links are files I have on my hard drive and are present as a convenient way to access the drivers etc when I forget the name of the file and decide to look at this reference page.  I have them because I think they are likely to be of immediate use to myself or friends--hi guys--who saved a bundle of 486s from being sent to a dumpster.
Manufacturer  Pine Technology Group
Model Number Pine PT-429G
BIOS AMI BIOS (BIOS string 40-0106-428054-0010111-080893-UMC491F-P)
RAM 4 MB (4 x 1MB 30-pin 70 ns SIMMs), expandable to 48MB (4 x 4MB 30-pin, 2 x 16 MB 72-pin non-EDO single bank SIMMs).  Max memory is 32MB if using double bank 72-pin SIMMs
Bus 6 x 16-bit ISA, 1 8-bit ISA, 3 VESA Local Bus (each VL slot uses one ISA slot)
Processor Am486DX2-50 (AMD)


Files Other
Video Card
Manufacturer Pine Technology Group
Chipset  Cirrus Logic CL-GD5424
Pine Model Number PT-524/8G
Resolution 1024x768x256, 800x600x64K, 640x480x16M
Colours up to 16 million colours
Bus VESA Local Bus


Manufacturer KDS
Model KD-1450G
Resolution 1024x768
Size 14" (13" viewable)
Dot Pitch .28mm
Vertical Sync 50-90 Hz
Horizontal Sync 30-48 KHz
Power Saving DPMS, Energy Star Compliant


I/O Card
Manufacturer Pine Technology Group
Model PT-626
Jumper Settings
JP6 HDD LED JP15 COM2,4 Enabled/Disabled
JP7 IDE Enabled/Disabled JP16 Floppy Enabled/Disabled
JP11 Printer Enabled/Disabled JP17 LPT2/3
JP12 HDC exists / not exist JP18 COM2/COM4
JP13 COM 1,3 Enable/Disable JP19 Game Port Enabled/Disabled
JP14 COM1/COM3    
1 Floppy Controller (2 drives) 1 IDE controller (2 drives) 2 x serial (16550A UART) 1 printer port
No further information available

Ethernet Card
Manufacturer  Intel
Model Ether Express 16 v3.00EC
Speed 10 Mbit/s Ethernet
Connector 10 Base-T



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