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2017-03-30 02:39:00 +0000
2018-07-10 00:54:33 +0000

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2017-12-21 08:20:00 +0000
2018-07-10 00:54:33 +0000

Hit or Stand?

I’ve been in recovery mode for some months, and not working on these pages, or any other major projects. Now that I’m back I’m thinking I’m not going to do a major overhaul of the site, but rather incrementally fill in the pieces (like accessibility) that I’ve left room for, or mentioned, and adding new content (and possibility ‘features’ of the site generation mechanism) as time permits.

2017-07-17 06:50:00 +0000
2018-07-10 00:54:33 +0000

COP (Change of Plans)

As mentioned on the Home Page, I’ve decided to transition this site so that I’m doing less reinventing the wheel and more actual writing and collating things I’ve written and done.

2017-05-19 16:30:22 +0000
2018-07-10 00:54:33 +0000

Reminded of the decade's transition to UTF-8

  • I was reminded of the need for things like Project Gutenberg by my recent addition of copies of my old websites to this site. In the past decade there has been a transition from a number of ad-hoc language encodings (ways of representing the characters (e.g. letters in English)) to Unicode (a universal encoding scheme), and this can result in complications when dealing with older text files (including html/xml) due to the difference in the way certain characters are represented. Of course some the difficulty arises from the fact that for a brief time I was using a program called ‘Homesite’ to help build my web site, and it apparently wasn’t following recommended future-proof best practices (since dealing with encoding was already a topic in the early days of the web).
  • Also redacted some ancient (and hopefully irrelevant) information from the old site, like resumes and vitas with too much information.
  • Discovered that back in the day I mispelled Curriculum Vitæ as Cirriculum Vitæ although apparently at that point in history (late 90’s to early 2000’s) when such documents were prepared for the web (which often meant without readily available spell checking) this is something others did as well: From a search using DuckDuckGo:
    • … And many more …
2017-05-15 06:52:30 +0000
2018-07-10 00:54:33 +0000

Updated Styling; Fixed Formatting

  • Modernized overall styling
  • Fixed some formatting / display issues.

  • Add to To Do:
    • Add javascript styling helper(s) for smooth resize of floating navigation bar.
2017-05-12 01:35:20 +0000
2018-07-10 00:54:33 +0000

Incorporated Old Sites; Current To Do

  • Deployed site with a representative sample of old versions of my websites (omitting more personal blog/writing that were on my primarily personal website vs semi-personal semi-professional site).

  • Current To Do:
    • Make sure accessibility and standards compliance are fully up to date and add the graphics and links for visitor testing/verification.
    • Fix Javascript for Large Print and High Contrast so it’s properly sticky across page loads.
    • Fix colour scheme for high contrast (it currently isn’t all high contrast).
    • Look at The Internet Archive (e.g. Archive-IT subscription) for ensure real permalinks.
    • Fix breakpoints for mobile devices and flyout menus
  • Added LinkedIn profile badge to landing page
2017-05-07 18:34:00 +0000
2018-07-10 00:54:33 +0000

Redesign Started

  • Initiated redesign, starting with the menu, sidebar, and large borders (better screens make a huge difference with how this looks).
  • Also launched the MRWD (Minimalist Responsive Web Design) section of the site, which explores combining Accessibility, RWD (Responsive Web Design), and Static Website generation into a web design paradigm in keeping with the original goals of the founders.
2017-04-26 03:09:35 +0000
2018-07-10 00:54:33 +0000

A New Old Plan

Because of the changes to Webgen it is impossible to avoid some changes to the website, and certain aspects of the site shouldn’t be put back up for reasons I hadn’t realized at the time, but doing a complete rewrite of all content, plus updating to new technology, plus changing the overall style is a combination of activities that would delay the relaunch too much, so I’m being minimally intrusive to the content, but am replacing the guts with modern tech.

2017-04-12 04:04:15 +0000
2018-07-10 00:54:33 +0000

Reworking and enhancing before relaunching

In the process of getting the website generation working with a current version of the tool I use for generating static websites – WebGen – I have ended up on a major overhaul of the site to modernize and bring it up to snuff.

2017-03-30 02:29:00 +0000
2017-04-11 03:47:00 +0000

Reincarnation of

Resurrected but in process munged it somewhat. Also removed some pages which are available on the OpenWrt website/wiki, or depend on functionality I have have not yet enabled in the new server. Removed old news stories.